Just as actual DNA – a complex genetic code of operation – can be mapped out and understood, so too can the DNA of family businesses. AMI has a wealth of experience, techniques and tools for analyzing family businesses, uncovering current and future directions for the individuals, the family and the business while developing individually tailored working models to help each entity grow and flourish. While each family business is one of a kind, AMI has created structured consulting methods and solutions for the many repeat scenarios and challenges which tend to occur in family businesses. Helping clients to develop a vision, and create well defined targets, along with family agreements and personal actualization, AMI delivers a road map of attaining selected goals while working at a pace that suits the company and the individuals.

Consulting Process Milestones
AMI takes their clients on a journey or path toward a fresh future. This begins with a calculated process that is educational, enlightening, targeted and vital to any company’s survival. We assist our clients to take stock of their ‘family assets’ and leverage them in order to develop and implement the family and business visions, along with solutions and tools for managing their ‘family assets’.