AMI was founded in 1996 and has been an affiliate of FBCGI, the Family Business Consulting Group International since 1999. AMI specializes in tailoring innovative solutions for family businesses and has successfully helped a wide array of small and large family businesses to confront and master their unique challenges. At AMI, we have gained deep insight into the special sensitivities of family business and the need for integration of various fields of expertise.Our experience has led us to work in close collaboration with leading professionals in the fields of financial management, legal consulting, psychology, career development, coaching and more, enabling us to deliver our clients with a wide range of creative solutions.“Generations that Work” is not merely a slogan for AMI, but a way of doing business. It is our philosophy that family business is good for business and good for families, yet it requires the acquirement of special tools and skills. We at AMI believe that with proper guidance, family businesses can operate with trust by implementing effective systems while creating a vision where growth, control and continuity are the guiding lights of its leaders.

Our Professional Team

Dr. Orenia Yanai is directly involved with each and every client. She present a model of co-management, bringing their different fields of expertise and their rich experience in family business consulting to the consulting table. Yanai maintains a close collaboration with professionals such as attorneys, accountants, financial experts, career consultants and therapists.


Dr. Orenia Yanai has developed unique tools and techniques in the area of career diagnosis and development. She is a therapist and a guide of personal quests focusing on careers and callings of individuals, couples and partners. Her book “Every Person Has A Path” has been on the best selling book list in Israel, since its first publication. Dr. Yanai holds a B.A. in Psychology and Semitic Languages, an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Tel Aviv University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from London University. She has lectured at Tel Aviv University, The Hebrew University, London and Munich Universities;…
Dr Dov Yanai