AMI engages in innovative consulting processes, which are individually tailored to each family and partnership.

Our mission is to empower family members and to enable them to lead the growth and success of the business. Our clients enjoy a new sense of togetherness in their families, and growth and prosperity in their businesses.

As a leading firm, we are involved in consulting, academic teaching, lecturing and writing, both in Israel and internationally.

We work interactively with the family, in order to:

Everything is foreseen yet freedom of choice is given
The weeds you did not uprooted from your garden, will grow in your child’s yard
The road to a better future is a better present
Committed families are happier and stay together longer
Crisis is an opportunity for change and development
A meaningful occupation is essential for one’s well-being
Every family is a “State”: it has its own heritage, needs, rules and laws
Every family is a family business
Happiness is the memory of the struggle and the feeling of achievement